Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy, Busy

Full Weekend

Spent most of Saturday with campaign stuff.  It was rather hot and humid too. Summer clings on.

But today, Sunday, was quite nice.  Church in the AM, and then a picnic at a friend's house. Trouble was, I copied down his address wrong, drove for over two hours trying to find his house and then came back home.  But then, I found the correct house number and headed back to the very same street I'd already been on and found the party!!

I'm glad I got there eventually as I got to see some old friends.  We had a really nice later than it should have been afternoon into the evening.

The hay I got the other day seems to be a hit with the Boys.  This time, I tried to select a "soft" hay.  It was local meadow grass, just cut this summer and nice and fresh.  All three horses seem to be eating it quite happily.  I hope they are as pleased with whatever hay my regular supplier brings this week.

Hay is an important part of a horse's diet if good grazing is not available.  I really prefer to spend more money to get hay the Boys will eat up than hay that gets wasted.  I've had too many times when the hay becomes bedding in the stalls rather than dinner.

Guess I'll just have to wait and see what shows up in the next load that's delivered.


  1. Have you tried the hay-bar? It is placed in an angle of the stall, so the horses cannot stamp, wee etc... on it.

    I think it is a good idea, and the horse is still feeding from the ground.

  2. Glad you made it to the party, fashionably late *g*

    Hay is such a stress isn't it? Your selection sounds nice, I'm sure your guys will approve. Ditto the Hay Bar, or making a home-made one, some ponies to like to knit and weave even the nicest hay into their beds!

  3. Our guys are so spoiled with their hay selections. Now we've gotten to the point that we'll buy a few bales to see if they'll eat it. If it's a hit then we order a bunch more. I think of all the starving horses that would be happy to get anything and then look at this bunch of spoiled brats turning their noses up at hay that isn't just right and just shake my head and wonder where I went wrong.

    Glad you had a nice time at the party.

  4. Summer hangs on here too, with highs tomorrow around 90. Luckily it's never humid and, especially at this time of year, cools down dramatically at night.

    At this barn, Dale bales his own hay and you have never seen a greener, fresher hay. Tetley is in hay heaven, having lived all his life on English hay (why they have halage).