Thursday, September 18, 2008

And Then....

Had a Migraine Yesterday

No post, no news.

I longed Tucker this morning before school. I plan to long line him tonight.

Gabriel will be riding him in the lesson on Saturday. I do not trust my back. The muscle was protesting again this morning so....I visited my chiropractor again. That is every day this week so far.

I did long line Tucker tonight and he was wonderful. He really does look quite pretty when he was on the bit and moving along. Again, he is not a top notch mover as far as dressage horses go, but he is correct in what he can do.

I was careful of my back as I cleaned the stalls as well as when I was lining. I do not plan on riding in the lesson. Gabriel emailed me to say he'd be glad "as long as you think I will get along with him!" Aha! Of course he'll get along. It's just a matter of mind over Tucker. Actually, he rode Tucker once before and all was well. Often Tuck goes better for other people instead of me.

Anyhow, it will be worth it to just watch to see how things go and what I should be doing.

Meantime, I plan on getting up early again in the morning to longe him up and down the hill and then I will long line him again in the evening. Short cut to having missed so many days of riding.


  1. Ouch the head. Ouch the back.



  2. I am a walking wreck. Feel better now.

  3. I am joining the club. So have I ... but might be because my MIL is here ....

  4. oh dear, jean, that is not good. that is, of course, the trouble when you are on your own, no one to take the strain....

    wheelbarrow for everything - haynets, feed, etc etc ... you know the drill!