Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lazy Saturday

And I Behaved Myself

I did not ride--more due to the heat and humidity than to the back. I do still feel a twinge in the muscle, but I'm not sure that's the same problem. I'll just say I obeyed doctor's orders for a change. How's that?

I suspect that although the huge hurricane down in Texas may be 1600 or so miles away it is affecting our weather by pushing southern air masses our way. The feeling in the air this morning was similar to how it felt a day or so before Hanna came through. Ike's path is not aimed at us but I find it hard to believe a force of energy that large cannot affect the weather fronts all around it. It's supposed to be level with New Jersey, but several hundred miles west by Sunday evening. We have rain in the forecast and then Monday with rain and more heat.

Ick. Bad enough to be in the upper 80's at school, but humid too? I'm already sweating.

And actually I was sweating today--a lot. I went out in the afternoon and decided to mow the lawn. I do have a riding mower--actually two--but it was still hot work. I fed the Boys and decided to poo pick the riding arena and the new run-in shed. By the time I was done, I was soaked.

Part of the plan was to do some fence repair in the arena, but I gave up. The Boys have managed to knock down one post totally--broken at the base-- and crack at least three others leaving four sections of fence totally down. I put corral panels up in one space, but once the one post was broken off, I couldn't fill in the gaps with any more panels because there was nothing there to hold them up. Right now, if I ride in there, the other horses can go in and out at will, even with the gate shut because of the downed rails. I repaired one cracked post but it definitely needs reenforcement and the other cracked one needs serious work too. One post is temporarily being replaced by a tree growing up in the line. The broken one is off at ground level and I just may leave it there and put a new post in next to it--unless it's one I've done that too before.

Can you tell I've fixed this fence before? And I hired my friend's two sons to repair it as well?

For some reason, the Boys think it's a perfect place for the following activities: Cribbing, tail scratching, neck scratching, and games of Knees and Headbutt--something like Horse Volleyball with the horse playing both "baller" and "ball." The fence serves as net or some sort of goalpost to be demolished as the game progresses.

I am seriously thinking I may have to run a line of electric along that section. I'm not keen on that as it is fencing for the arena and once they realize it's live, I'll have a problem riding close to the rail on that side. I would put the wire on the outside, but I have a feeling it would still make them rail shy.

As you can see, while I really didn't get much done aside from mowing the lawn, I did do a lot of thinking about doing things.

Not bad for a Saturday off.


  1. ld sya you have done too much ... you are supposed to rest your back :-O!!!

    It is official you are as bad as Caroline ^-^

  2. a ride on mower is one thing, but i reckon if you had asked your doctor, he would have said no fence mending either!