Monday, September 15, 2008

Twinges, More and Less

Off to the Chiropractor

I needed another adjustment today. My back was really not happy today. It was giving me little spasms of pain all day long at school. When I went in the vertebra was out of place again. I feel great now but I am under orders not to lift anything heavy, twist, or turn too much. Guess I will not long line Tucker tonight. *G*

I have to be careful carrying the hay too, so I'll make a mental note to be sure to use the little cart in the morning.

The day was not as hot as predicted. When I got up this morning there was a fairly stiff breeze blowing, bringing in some less humid, though not much cooler weather. I think, again, it was leftover wind from Mr. Ike, the last hurricane, swirling us with his "backside" winds. At any rate, school was just barely tolerable. I was, nonetheless, worn out by last period and didn't give my students any homework. They did appreciate that as they too were too hot to be very much inspired.

The Boys were out in the front paddock when I got home. As soon as they saw me stop the car at the mailbox, they came on over. Cute and adorable, and too precious to resist, I pulled some grass from the section of lawn I hadn't mowed and gave each one of them a nice bunch.

Toby and Tucker shared, but Chance, odd man out, had to move to the other side of a little hedge to get his without being tormented by the two big bullies. He doesn't seem to mind being the low man in the herd, but it always bothers me to see him have to be so wary. Toby is definitely alpha, and Tucker is an alpha "wannbe," leaving Chance omega big time. I do all I can to protect his space but heaven knows what happens when I'm not there.

Then again, he and Tucker do play a lot with each other, so it can't be all bad.


  1. {{{{{{healing vibes}}}}}}}

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Here we had a drastic changes of temperature 20 degrees C less.
    From humid stiffling hot 35 degrees C to 15 degrees with cold wind and rain ( a little).

    My neck and back are all tense.

    I guess the boys do not mind a bit of resting ^-^

  2. George used to be the same as Chance, but over the summer he has started to brush under Zippy's nose and push Jazz out of the way. Zip is top, but not by much, and I would say George and Jazz are about equal.


  3. Herds are incredibly complex arent they im sure if Tucker likes to play with him they dont give him too much grief when your not there.It may well happen more when your about if they are vying for your attention?