Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lucked Out

And I Am "Over Picnicked"

The storm brought lots of rain, but minimal winds around here anyhow, so we really did luck out. And, since it has been so dry, the ground held and soaked up the water really well, so I don't seem to have a lot of mud.

It was quite a nice morning too, but I had to go to church. Then since it was homecoming and the first Sunday of the new church season, we had a picnic after the service.

My neck was bothering me quite a bit giving me a headache so when I got home, I took a short nap, then headed out for the second picnic of the day. I spent a good hour in the swimming pool there working out my kinks, making my neck feel better, and then did the usual picnic things. I ate a lot of good salads and side dishes, had some sweet corn, roast pig, and a nip of wine and beer.

All in all it was a fun gathering. Oh, yes, I tossed a practice game of horseshoes, had a ringer, a leaner, and several other shoes that would have scored points if we'd been playing for real.

Guess my equine experience pays off--or at least all my shoeing adventures had some effect??

I guess you can tell by now I didn't ride. Thank goodness for the swim as it seems to have fixed my headache. I'm not sure riding now would do me any good. I'll go for an adjustment tomorrow and hopefully ride when I get home--weather permitting. (It is supposed to be cooler....I can only hope.....)


  1. ok,jean, explain another thing - what's "homecoming" in this context? or indeed, any american context! I've heard of a "homecoming queen" but never known what of....

    Too early for harvest festival, so surely can't be that? or is it?

  2. "Homecoming" means people return to their roots/home area. Schools hold a "homecoming" celebration to welcome past graduates to visit and usually attend a football (American football) game at the school. It's almost like a family reunion but its past graduates/teachers etc instead of family members. For my church, as the new church season starts after the summer--when people are on vacation, etc.--it celebrates the first service after summer is over and people are back home and ready to come to church regularly again.

  3. Oh, the Homecoming Queen is usually a female student voted on by the student body for the honor of leading a parade at the celebration. Kind of a popularity contest and she represents the school to everyone who attends.

    I guess lots of alumni attend the homecoming and the game. I've never been except when I was actually in the school and playing in the marching band.