Friday, September 12, 2008

Much Better, Thanks

After An All Day "Ouch"

My chiropractor was booked all day, so he set me up for a 7 PM appointment. I am just back and I feed a whole lot better.

Apparently, I compressed my 12th thoracic vertebra, causing the spasm. That, in turn, pulled out a few others, making me sore in more than one place. How did it happen?

Well, Dr. Morris said I was probably sitting up very straight (yippee!!!) and must have gotten a jolt just at the wrong moment. It was a one in a million thing as I had to be sitting just wrong at that moment. Guess I half halted at the wrong part of the stride, when the right hind was hitting the ground instead of getting ready to lift off so the half halt would control the stride and bring it more underneath Tucker's body. Maybe??? At any rate, since I've never hurt my back that way before, I'm not all that likely to hurt it again, so once it settles back down, I should be fine.

Doc did tell me not to ride for a while, but no matter as it is raining anyhow. If it clears up on the weekend, I can go out for some easy rides in the woods and do some long lining.

I stopped to buy some gasoline and diesel fuel on the way home before the prices skyrocket again. I needed fuel for the tractor and for the lawnmowers. Why the skyrocket? Hurricane Ike is about to crash into the Texas coast where some 50% of the US fuel refineries are located. We do have refineries here in New Jersey too so we may not get hit as hard as the rest of the country--our prices to tend to be just a little lower--but I didn't want to take any chances. Every dollar saved is another bag of carrots.

When I got home today, poor Chance was standing out in the rain--Tucker and Toby were under the run-in roof by his side of the barn--with his flysheet dropped down to his knees. It was ripped a good two feet along the center back seam. The straps were still done up so it stayed on. He was pretty hampered trying to walk around but very composed about it. I took it off and put his old one back on. I feel sorry for him when he is bullied out of the shed area, but there is the new run-in and the run-on roof on the other side as well as access to the stalls on the other side of the barn. I guess the urge to stay with the herd is strong enough to keep him near the other two Boys even though they chase him out.

He really is a sweetie. So far, he looks to be the perfect little horse for me as I grow older and lose some of my more intense competitive ambition. He's fun to train, and has shown a really steady, sensible attitude out on the trails. And to top it off, he likes to be cuddled.

I love my Boys. Each one has unique qualities and distinct personalities, all admirable in their own way.


  1. very funny how horse-obsessed riders understadn orders.
    Dr says you cannot ride.
    That is okay I cannot ride, but I can hacking ^-^ LOL

    We are all the same. The worst being Caroline LOL!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Don't you think that any reason is good fro increasing fuel/diesel prices ?

  2. I do love a horse that likes a cuddle!

    I'm glad you have been put straight again!

    Can't think what Muriel means :-)


  3. Yes the more your told not to do something the more you want to..even if you didnt want to in the first place,well I do anyway!

  4. yup, we're all contrary mares, really, LOL!