Saturday, September 06, 2008

Visit from a Not So Welcome "Lady"

Unwelcome Weather Front

I was miserable yesterday. Hot, yes, humid definitely--the air mass before the oncoming storm. It is hard to describe just how uncomfortable that feels. Tropical in the worst sense.

I was going to work Tucker after school as I was supposed to have a lesson this morning. But the tropical "attack" on the way changed all that. Hanna, once a hurricane, is on the way and the weather forecast is rife with tropical storm warnings. And ahead of her, along with the tropical air mass, was rain.

I guess it was sort of a preparation for the torrential downpours due this afternoon, but it kept me inside and even the Boys were hanging out under the run in. When I went out to feed later, Chance waited to go into his stall through Tucker's stall so he didn't have to go out into the wet.

Wonder what they are going to do later when it really starts pouring.

Heavy rain is one thing, but heavy storm winds are predicted as well. My cable Internet connection is supposed to be installed today, keeping me stuck in the house during the mid-morning, so I am planning on going to get my horse feed soon so I am back home in time. I didn't expect to have time to do that as I was going to have my lesson, but we canceled that because Gabriel would have been trying to drive back home himself during the worst of the storm.

And, my picnic for this afternoon has been postponed until tomorrow.

All in all, Hanna's visit is not exactly welcome.

More later as the "not so lady" arrives.


  1. i suppose we're lucky in that we don't get those... .well, i reckon we are getting the tail end of such things these days! hope you're surviving!

  2. I hope it's not got too bad Jean.


  3. I hope you are allright Jean.

    I do not mindthe water, because we are in a non-flooding zone, but I have become very wary of the wind, and the mini-tornadoes.

    No rain for us this year but so much much winds :-(

  4. Hope everythings okay we all seem to be suffering from this horrible weather..well apart from Muriel who wants rain:)