Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Isn't Fun

Toby Is Not Happy

And that is putting is mildly.  He is currently locked in his stall with the outside door latch tied shut.   
Let's start at square one.  Yesterday morning I soaked his hoof, bandaged it and left him latched in his stall for the day. 

I was home for the vet, only to find him outside walking around in the rain and mud.  I was a bit confused, but figured perhaps I hadn't closed the latch all the way, a mistake I've committed in the past when I was in a hurry.  

I was hoping to keep his hoof clean so debris wouldn't get into the wound from the toe clip and start an abscess.  The bandage had stayed on, so it might have been OK.   After the vet left, I put him back in his stall and latched the door, making sure it was done up properly. 

When I went back out to feed a few hours later, he was out again.  OK, the only conclusion was that angelic looking blaze faced chestnut who can undo bailing twine knots to release his bay buddy from the holding pen.  I am pretty sure Chance had slid the door latch open and let Toby out.  

I put Toby back in and tied the latch shut.  

Fast forward to the early morning hours when I heard Toby calling to his pals.  This went on repeatedly.  When I got up, it was quiet.  This time, Chance was standing at Toby's door nuzzling him and Tucker was in his stall right next door.  

Toby's stall was a mess.  After I fed, I gave it a good cleaning, put Toby on the crossties and started to soak his foot.  Tucker was outside, just out of view and Toby was all riled up.  He kept pawing and fussing, simply not standing still.  Water from the soaking boot was all over the aisle.  I needed to clean his stall so I couldn't babysit him.  Instead I brought Tucker in, put him on the crossties at the othe end of the aisle and all was quiet.  

I rebandaged Toby's hoof and put him in.  

For a while, it was calm.  Then about an hour or so ago, Toby started whinnying and calling frantically again.  When I went out, I saw Tucker and Chance out in the field, and Toby running around in his stall.  The hoof bandage was off and he was really upset.  

He is alpha horse, but his anxiety of being separated from his little herd is extreme.  I presume he is worrying himself into a frenzy.   I just gave him a dose of Quietex, an herbal calmer.  I wish I had some tranquilizer here for him.  That's what I had to give PJ when he was stuck inside after his tooth surgery.  Maybe the Quietex will work.  

I will rebandage his foot later if I have the Vetwrap.  I was planning on going to the feed store tomorrow to pick up the grain and get the wrap then.  I think I have some left, but I have to look.  At this point, trying to keep it clean is a lost battle.  

Tonight, I just may keep Tucker in to keep Toby quiet. No sense in keeping the whole neighborhood awake.  *sigh*  

Raining off and on, and quite warm and muggy.  I gave Tucker the day off.  I will give him some bute tonight and, if it's dry, ride a little tomorrow.  Guess I need to work Chance to keep him out of mischief.  *lol*  


  1. an additional thing to try and keep the bandage on - disposable nappies. they fit nicely round the foot, and then you duct tape over that. always keep a pack in the vet box...

  2. Oh poor Toby away from hios herd. I think that Tucker and Chance won't mind a night in. You could keep Chance next to Toby during the day, and Tucker in during the night. So Toby has always compagny.

  3. Don't you wish you could just explain to them that it's for their own good - poor boy.

    Ditto nappies - diapers to you Jean!


  4. Just catching up,internet at work is off and on and the net on my new phone is absolutely rubbish.
    How frustrating it all sounds. Thats the one good thing I can say about Polo for all his hang ups he is quite content in the stable by himself.
    Hope it sorts itself out soon and he doesnt make life too hard for you!