Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday

And Hot

When I came out of church this morning, it was pretty hot--upper 80's. I let the church youth group wash my car, made my donation and headed out to do some shopping.

There is a Burlington Coat Factory not far from church. They have all kinds of name brand clothes at discount prices. Why, oh, why did I buy a suit? And then why, oh, why did I go across the highway to Dress Barn to buy a top or two? I honestly DO NOT NEED any new clothes.

But now I have some. At Dress Barn I had a great time helping a mother and daughter find some dresses for the daughter--a teenager. The first dress I saw on her was cute, but too big. I decided she really needed another style, picked one out and sure enough, it was a winner. I was fun watching her try on the clothes that were both a good fit and flattering.

Headed home, and decided not to do anything with the Boys. My back was still questionable and, as I said, it was hot. Besides, Tucker always gets the day off after a lesson. AND the weather will be back to nice tomorrow, so no big deal.

When it stays light enough after I get home from school, I have plenty of time so perhaps, if my back is better, I will have time to take a hack on Toby/Chance or even Tuck. I figure just walking might be OK for a start.

Meantime, I plan on longing Tucker up and down the hill in the morning before school. Apparently, my friend Michelle who took that lesson yesterday, had been doing the same with her horse. Supposedly she said it was a Parelli thing to build up the horse's back end and balance. Interesting. For me it was a vet thing to build up Tuck's stifle. H-mm-m-m-m-m-m.


  1. Yep it is called "hill therapy". I think it was after one of their horses hurt himself. So the Ps gave a nice protocol. I have it. If you want I can send it to you via email. ^-^

    We had a very busy WE with MIL.
    I am looking forward a nice relaxing week ...

  2. Shopping therapy more like it!


  3. well i think longlining - or riding, or walking out in hand - up and down hills is just old fashioned horsemanship, myself! and that longlining is definitely coming back into use as a tool ... classically or otherwise!