Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, That Hurt

I Did Ride

Yes, you read that right. It was decidedly cooler today and I still had energy after school to come home, change into my riding clothes and saddle up Tucker. There was a slight breeze and despite the humidity, it felt pretty good out there.

Tuck started off rather lazily, but he offered no fuss, and no resistance in the walk, trot, or canter. This was quite a positive change as he had been a bit "snarly" about canter departs. Today he was quiet and soft.

Then I began to collect him onto the bit and again, he was cooperative and willing to work forward into the rein. All was going well about twenty minutes into the ride. I started developing some half halts.

Then, it happened. My back suddenly spasmed. This was not my neck, but the muscle in the right side of my back. I was so sharp it made me gasp. I simply could not ride or stay on Tucker's back. I wasn't even sure when I got off that I would be able to untack him without some pretty bad pain.

Fortunately it eased, never quite going away, but settling down enough that I felt I could at least do something more with Tuck. I took off his saddle and put on the surcingle and long lined him for another 15-20 minutes. He kept tying to canter to avoid giving me a good forward trot into the rein, but eventually, we worked it out and he had some good solid work.

Not exactly as planned, but a useful train anyhow.

I thought about long lining Chance but settled on longing him instead, getting some nice forward trot with a little natural suspension to it. He has really come along in his groundwork, but today I simply could not ride.

My chiropractor's office does not have afternoon hours on Thursday. I could have called in as an emergency, but the pain is not that bad now. However, just about everything is sore at this point. My knees ache, my back threatens to get bad again, and it's gone up into my shoulders and neck as well. Once one thing goes out of balance, everything goes. I just ache all over.

I'll have to see what tomorrow morning brings. If it's bad, I will call in to have someone cover my homeroom and first period class and head to the chiropractor before school. If not, I'll tough it out and go after school.

I hate to miss time. I have actually received several compliments from my students about how cool my class is. That's a nice change of pace. I am also coming to some critcally important lessons that set up what I will be teaching for the next few months. I hate to get off track this early, but I can't teach if I am in pain.

This is so annoying. I felt this back muscle a few times when I was swimming, so I knew there was some potential for a problem. Then, nothing happened until tonight. Bummer.


  1. Oh no post! Where did It go?

  2. oh so sorry.
    {{{{{{{{healing vibes}}}}}}}

    Have you got Egoscue's book?

    It really helps my back. It ois really good position to get some rest from pain.

    I hope you heal soon.

  3. Aghhhhhhhhhh! That sound liek the same one as mine that went when I turned over in bed. I sympathise, it really hurts!


  4. i was going to say "mop your fevered brow" in jest after reading the first line... and then read on to the bad back!

    so what have you been doing to spasm your back?