Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twinges and Cringes

And An Even More Tropical Day

Talk about hot! Again in the 90's F, and horribly humid. The air conditioning was on in church this morning so the choir wore our robes. We were all too hot. I unzipped mine and let my shorts hang out during the service. *G* I am not looking forward to school what's new there? My room is going to be its usual sauna self.

The Boys were alternately out in the pasture, under the shady trees, or hiding in their stalls in front of the fans. They were sweated without doing anything to get that way. I do suppose they are also starting to grow in a bit of their winter coats at this point too, so it's really not fair being so hot.

My back is really twinging right now and it's been off and on painful all day long. I did not sleep particularly well either. I'd opened a window, but the night air seemed to grow warmer after midnight. I might have been better off turning up/down the air conditioning to make the house cooler that way. Add to that a very protesting back muscle and I wasn't exactly comfortable.

Suffice it to say I did not ride, and as of 7 PM, I did not work a horse either. I'd better get something going this week as Gabriel hopes to reschedule for Saturday. I already emailed him that my back is bad and I may not be able to ride, but I still want a training session. We can either long line or, better yet, have Gabriel ride Tucker for me.

As I posted on Caroline's blog, after reading her comments about a less competitive approach to riding, I am heading there myself. This summer has put me off being a determined competition rider as I used to be. I realized that right now I do not have the need nor the ambition to train with the level of intensity I would need to be successful in the show ring. Maybe the spark will reignite, but for now I am quite satisfied with a much "lazier" approach to training.

I do find riding fascinating. Finding ways to teach a new exercise to one of my horses, or to get Tucker to really work to his potential all keep me busy and interested, but if I miss a day or several days of riding, it's just fine. Some days, just going out for a 20 minute hack in the woods is just fine, as is playing on the longe or simply giving everyone a hug and a carrot.

Wonder where I'll be in another year after I retire?

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