Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day

And Another Schedule Shocker

Don't know if any of you remember last year's teaching schedule which I eventually managed to change to something more tolerable. At least that was during the summer!

This time I almost accidentally discovered my schedule had been changed to something even more unpalatable sometime between the end of July and today without my knowledge. Somehow, I had been assigned another 11th grade class to replace the 10th grade class on the schedule I had received. According to out contract, this was not acceptable as I needed to be notified prior to the change since it was within 30 days of the start of school.

Having another 11th grade class was not so much the issue. What was the issue was that this was an "inclusion" class requiring and in class support teacher to help with the learning concerns of the special needs kids in the class. And it was the lower academic level inclusion class. Now, in 37 years of teaching, I have never had an in class support teacher--a circumstance that would require adjustments to my teaching techniques, cooperation between the other teacher and me, as well as all kinds of accomdations for the varied learning skills in the classroom. To top it off, all my curriculum materials and lesson plans for the 11th grade are for regular/college bound students. In essence, I has been completely blindsided by a totally new teaching situation.

Add that to my having to again deal with the infamous "Tech Writing" course--a computer based class for which I no longer have any updated Windows XP materials forcing me to start again from scratch--really put a big dent in my enthusiasm in facing the new school year.

And, the only reason I discovered the schedule change was because I had gone to see the theatre arts teacher to check on which of her students I had in my classes so I could plan accordingly in teaching "Midsummer Night's Dream," the play they will be performing this year. When I started to compare my supposed 10th grade list with hers, I realized I actually had an 11th grade list. I figured it was a mistake until I hiked down to the guidance office and saw the new class listed on my main schedule board.

After speaking to the teachers association representative, I managed to meet with the principal to explain my concerns. Eventually, the principal managed to work it out so I again had the 10th grade class instead of the problematic 11th grade class. Had I not spoken up, I would have been in a very difficult and frustrating situation--again.

On the horse front, I was up early this morning and I lunged Tucker for a good half hour. The first twenty or so minutes were in the arena at the trot and the last ten were out in the pasture up and down the hill. This kind of work will build up the muscles around his stifle and help him feel a lot stronger.

I had to go to physical therapy after school (it's a twice a week committment) and I knew after than and an adjustment from the chiropracor that I was not going to ride once I was home for the evening.

Suprisingly, although it was in the 90'sF today, my classroom was not as bad as I expected. I did leave the windows open for the night hoping the cool air would make its way into the room. I can only hope. Once the room is full of students it's going to be a lot warmer.


  1. Oh Not again! It is so unfair to treat you that way, with so many years of experience.

    I am glad you stood your ground and got it sorted.
    Perhaps it is time to look at the retirement plan for next year!
    You are such a motivated person that you will fill your days with activity.

    {{{{{ HUGS }}}}}

    My son starts school tomorrow. I might have some teaching to do ... looking forward to it, except I end up with the WORST children of the school ...

  2. Well held Jean! That sounded totally unacceptable to me, I;m glad that you got it put right.


  3. crikey. So what was the principal's excuse for that one, then? or did s/he not have one?