Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shoe's On and He's Out

Happy Camper Returns

Scott called this morning to tell me the shoer was coming sometime today.

I was feeling rotten and had stayed home from church/choir because my throat was sore. Typical consequence of the start of school--a cold on the way, or some kind of repiratory illness caught from the kids.

The only errand I had to do was go get feed. I left around 12:30. When I got back, sure enough, tracks on the lawn and Toby's open stall door told me the shoer had come and gone. I guess all was OK enough to put the shoe back on. I would have liked to hear his assessment, but that was not to be.

Toby was out with his buddies again and very happy about it.

I've just gone out to feed and he is eating again. When he was locked in, he was fretting so he hardly ate his grain, just nibbled a bit on his hay, and until I coaxed him, was not drinking his water. The water was the most worrying, so I too am happy he is free again.

Meantime, the weather is totally miserable. Raining, wet, and warm enough to feel hot and humid, at least to me. It's another one of those tropical storms cruising along the coast bringing its air mass with it.

So I've not ridden. Just as well considering that I don't feel well.

I stopped at the pharmacy on the way home from my feed trip and picked up some cold remedies. Hopefully, I can keep it at bay and not get too sick.

At least the horses are OK.


  1. not just it being school, but also all those people in one room ... the same happens in open plan offices, one person gets a bug, everyone gets a bug, and management gets hacked off that everyone's off sick.

    glad toby's sorted though!

  2. Thank goodness things are better with everyone but you. I hope you get no worse.