Thursday, September 25, 2008

AM Ride

And Not A Good Canter

I got up early enough to ride Tucker before school. His trot work was quite good. He was ready, willing and able to do all I asked including a little lateral work.

Then I tried to pick up the right lead canter. UGH!! He quit completely, laid his ears back, stomped a foot and threatened to buck. I turned him around eventually, asked for the left lead canter problem.

Then I crossed the diagonal, asked for a change of lead through the trot, and got the right lead. He was OK, but not quite as comfortable and after a few circuits of the arena, he stopped again. I went back to the left lead, tried a change through the trot and just got more resistance.

I did not push the issue as Tucker was very clearly trying to tell me something hurt. I trotted just a little more, then dismounted and put him on the lunge line. I lunged him in a nice big circle at the trot and canter in both directions. He was really stretching out with his neck and head when he was on the right lead, but he did canter without protest.

Whatever is bothering him only shows up under saddle and primarily when he is asked to work in a frame.

I called my vet as soon as the office was open. Talk about luck. I could have had an appointment with Dr. Klayman at the farm where I take lessons at 2:30 today. However, it was impossible to leave school to make it because my vice principal was already pulling out her hair trying to cover classes for other teachers who were out. Bummer.

However, Dr. Perez, one of the other partners could be at my house tomorrow around 12:30. I have to be in school in the morning for a reading of my driving play for the Superintendent of Schools, but I will sign out for half a day and get home for the appointment. Dr. Perez does do acupuncture, but she does not do the chiropractic as a rule. I don't know if she has any adjustments she can do, but for now, just a good soundness evaluation will do fine. If it does turn out to be Tucker's stifle, I am going to discuss some prolotherapy to tighten those ligaments. If it's something else, acupuncture may help and I can always schedule a chiropractic treatment soon.

Tonight, the rain has not yet started, but I spend the evening cleaning the barn as my back injury really put me behind in my chores. I thought about riding Chance, but I was so worn out when I was done I didn't have the energy.

And now I have to go to choir practice.

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