Friday, August 10, 2007

Would You Believe 40 Degrees?

And I Fell for Their Charms

Well, the temperature dropped into the 60's, some 40 degrees less than Wednesday, and 30 degrees down from yesterday.

I have not yet ridden and it's 10 PM. I am all dressed and was headed out, but the phone rang and it was one of those telephone surveys. Since I was about prescription drugs, I participated for over a half hour. By then it was time for several TV shows I hate to miss. So I am still here.

On the other hand, I don't feel too bad. Yesterday afternoon, with the threat of thunderstorms, I had closed off the pasture so the Boys would not be out on the hill in case of lightning. The forecast was still for storms today. We did get some heavy showers, but no thunder.

So, after dinner, I opened the gate. To say the little herd was thrilled is an understatement. They came a'frolicking and galloping happily out to the field like a bunch of school kids on recess.

I was already feeling guilty about bringing them in to ride, so I let succumbed to their charms and haven't bothered them since.

I can still work somebody if I decide too, but I can also wait until tomorrow morning. We'll see.

After all, I am dressed for it......

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