Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cooler, I Think

Chance's Daddy, Romancer

And A Ride At Last

I THINK it was cooler today. However, when I went out to feed in the morning, by the time I was done, I was sweated up, so I guess the humidity was really no lower.

I hung out in the house for the day again, venturing out once or twice trying to imagine that it was nicer than yesterday. Then, when it clouded over, it was definitely cooler.

So, around PM feeding, I saddled up Tucker, dressed him in the bug armor and went into the ring. It was raining just a little by then and there was a breeze. Glory of glories, the flies were minimal.

We had a good school. On a positive note, I did tons of transitions and only once did he get stuck in neutral. To overcome it, I circled in one direction and then the other and once his feet got going again, we were off.

After that, I even managed about 6 halt, rein back, trot transitions without a problem, so that was really great. He seemed to thrive on the praise too. As well, we managed several sets of shoulder-in and, on the last pass in each direction some darn good effort and half pass. I was really pleased.

The canter work was essentially good, but I think I need to get the basic gait more forward. I think when I hold him too much in the frame he feels too restricted, but he keeps the canter going and is quite cooperative on the downward transistions. As a matter of fact we had some nice canter/walk/canter efforts as well, so once he gave me a good one on the right lead, I finished up.

A good ride. But we were both soaked in sweat at the end despite the cooler air. Again, it was the humidity.

The rain was threatening even more and the forecast calls for potentially heavy thunderstorms. I didn't work the other two Boys in the showers--although now it looks like the rain has backed off again.

Still, it's OK. Chance still has time off and Toby really doesn't care.
For those interested, Chance's daddy has a web page at:
Here are two more pics:

Quite a handsome fellow. I don't have pics of Chance's mom. She is a paint. Chance did not inherit his dad's size, and I haven't done enough with him to see how much he inherited of his athletic ability.
He's a good mover, though not breathtaking. What I hope for most is temperament and work ethic. I need a good steady horse for my aging body. *G*

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  1. WOW he is quite the handsome fellow isn't he?