Sunday, August 05, 2007

Saturday Off

Too Hot

Miserable day, so I did virtually nothing all day.

I did go swimming and did 24 lengths of the pool, dodging a man and his two children who insisted on playing around in the lap lanes. They were sort of swimming laps off and on, but in between they were fooling around in the middle of the pool, and I never quite could figure out where they were going to be.

Annoying, but since they "had" the lane when I got there, it was, I guess, up to me to kind of work around them. The other lanes were pretty full too, and kids were bouncing in and out all over the place. I think the lifeguards need to officiate better about the lanes, but they too are just high school kids--they do a good job about most stuff--so really controlling the lap lanes isn't easy when adults are swimming.

Came home, did a little shoe organizing and just lolled around.

Plenty of work to do and I just didn't do it.

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  1. back in the day when i went swimming there was nothing i hated more than people p*****g about in the lap lanes... bad enough keeping gout of the way of other people doing laps at a different speed, without having to worry about people who aren't!!!