Saturday, August 11, 2007

And I Rode Them All!

Three Under Saddle

Beautiful weather so far. A bit warm, as the day progesses, but lovely nonetheless.

I got up a bit late, so I had to wait until late morning to ride.

Chance was mooching around, so I brought him in first, saddled him up and gave him a short work. I am delighted to report he felt just fine. His stride is even and he didn't seem to have any kind of limp at all. I rode for about 10 minutes, mostly at the trot and, although I had to urge him on to keep going, he was just fine. He's lost a little of his understanding about how to go to the bit, but I didn't ask for much, so I'm not worried. I'll start working him a little several times a week and see how it goes.

Tucker was second in line after being very nosy about my riding Chance. I didn't put my spurs on, but did carry a whip. He was a tad lazy, but I just rode for the basics with tons of transitions in trot and canter. We had only one "almost stop" and I worked through it so quickly I'm not even sure Tucker noticed he'd tried to nap with me. The best thing we did was the halt, reinback, trot combos and I did three on each rein with no problems. Yea! All positive here.

Toby wanted to go out on the trail, but I didn't want to fight bugs, so we too stayed in the ring. Again, it was a short work but he is so easy to ride there isn't really anything to school. We did tour of lateral work on both reins at the trot then cantered and finished each lead with a half pass flying change movement. Did I say he was perfect? Well, even in a very long frame, he was.

A good morning's work. Now I am getting ready to go to the County Fair--about 10 minutes from here. If anything really fun happens, I'll post again.

Ta ta!

Went to the fair and had a nice time just kind of walking around and looking at the exhibits and animals. Saw my chiropractor there and he was quite busy talking to potential clients for the clinic. Checked out the hot tubs, bought a gyro and a glass of fresh made orangeade.

Tried to make a blood donation, but my pressure was to high. Bummer. My doctor is working on it with natural supplements, but sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. Today it was up. Phooey.

Went for a really nice swim on the way home. The pool was not at all crowded and the water was beautifully refreshing. I did 30 lengths of the pool to wear myself out even more, but it surely di feel GOOD!!!

Back home, I've watched the PGA Championship golf tournament which Tiger Woods is currently leading, finished up my gyro and now I am tired and a really good way.

I missed the pig races by a few minutes and didn't bother to stay to see the next set of races. The little porkers run for oreos and are cute as bugs. I didn't watch any of the professional wrestling either, but I sure heard the crashing and thudding as they tossed each other around.

It really is more fun to go to the fair with someone else, but I still enjoyed myself.

I guess I could say the whole day was a great success.


  1. A county show is usually good - although I think our counties are a good bit bigger than yours. think your county is more like our district...but smaller!

    now, what do you mean by a "gyro"? i can't visualise such a thing that could be "finished up" since that makes me think of something to eat, whereas "gyro" doesn't....

  2. OK. A gyro is a Greek "sandwich."

    It is pita bread--a flat round bread thing--wrapped around sliced lamb, with chopped tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and a white yogurt sauce. Scrumptious. The stand was run by a Greek group, so this was a pretty darn good gyro.

    Here in the US we have tons of international food places readily accessible all over. The fair is fun because lots of different kinds of foods are available. That's why James said he didn't want to go--he's on a diet!

    Counties are the "middle" divisions of each state. New Jersey has 21 counties. Mine is Middlesex--sound familiar. Within each county are municipalities--tonwships or towns. (This is not true in all states as each has its own unique structure) South Brunswick, of some 26 square miles, is one township in the county. Towns have local governments, the county has a government, the state has a government, and over all the whole group of United States has a government.

    I actually think the concept of counties in New Jersey was born from the British heritage of the state.

  3. ah! gyro sounds really tasty then, I want one!!!! I guess over here it would be something from a greek kebab shop ....or the equivalent of what we would call a "wrap" ....(usually done with chicken in tortilla ....). I love pitta bread to eat moussaka ....or naan bread to eat curry

  4. I didn't make it to the fair this year. The first time in 3 years I have not entered the baking contest. I got 1st place for my chocolate cookies, 2nd for my chocolate cake and 2nd for a cream cheese pound cake. Did pretty well when I enterd. I'll be back at it next year!