Sunday, August 26, 2007

Soggy and Warm

A Day in Church and Elsewhere

I sang our duet in church today. There was one little glitch, but otherwise it was great! Everyone was very complimentary, and there were many comments as to how well Florence and I blended. That's so nice as it's one thing we really worked on.

I will be doing a solo next Sunday as well, so the voice will be busy again.

After church we all went to lunch. That too was a pleasant hour or so.

Then, of course, there was the drawing at Rick's Saddle Shop for a brand new John Deere lawn tractor. I had a handful of tickets. One each for my visits to the shop and then for each $50 spent, another. I won't admit to how many. Suffice it to say I had more than two chances.

Well, I didn't win, but the guy standing right next to me did. He was thrilled, so I was happy for him. I didn't need the tractor, but Rick had said I could auction it off or use it in trade for something else at the tractor dealer. That would have been nice, but it was also nice to see the older gentleman so happy too.

Rick does drawings for $1000 gift certificates twice a year too. He is a very smart businessman, but he gives as well as gets. He has donated many things to the NJ Horse Park and often sponsors prizes at shows. I was lucky enough to win a very expensive tack trunk from him once when my dressage score was closest to a pre-established score at a big show.

When I got back home, I fed the Boys and the kitties and went out to mow the lawn with my new John Deere that I bought earlier this summer. (My old mower stopped working and while I will still get it fixed, I needed something to mow with if and when I send it for repair.)

While it was finally cooling off a bit, it is still very humid out. It was not as terribly hot as it was yesterday, but it certainly wasn't pleasant.

If the thunderstorms don't come in later, and if I still have some energy, I may go out to lunge Chance and Toby. Tucker the naughty boy gets the day off.

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