Monday, August 27, 2007

Lunging Again

Another Lazy Day

I guess the prospect of going back to school has stalled me in a state of rebellion.

I did virtually nothing all day. I just kind of hung out and played with the computer.

I did, however, do lunging sessions with all three Boys.

Toby was, as usual virtually perfect. It always amazes me to realize just how well he is trained to the lunge line. All I have to do is "think" what I want and he does it. On the last downward transition from canter to trot, I barely had the last "t" out of my mouth and he was in the gait in a beautiful downward.

Tucker was watching pretty intently as I worked both Toby and Chance. Good thing because Chance was really good too. He kept a nice forward trot and willing went up into canter on both leads with no problem. Keeping the canter was another matter on the right. He was not bad about it at all, but he did break several times. I suspect he doesn't quite feel as balanced on that lead, so it's harder for him to keep it, especially if he is not going fast. Some of it might be a lack of stamina as well since he really isn't very working fit, but that's OK. The important thing is how obedient he is becoming and quite willing to work.

By the time I got to him, Tucker was very interested in being worked. He practically put his head in the halter. He was a little more forward than usual as on the line I often have to chase him to get him to trot on. He did some decent work and then moved right out when I asked for canter. He was lazy though, and broke gait once or twice. Since I was just working him in a halter without side reins, it was very easy for him to fall apart in the gait unless I really encouraged him with the lunge whip. The left lead was better, though, and seemed that once he got himself going, his stride just improved naturally.

I am wondering if something physical causes some of his behavior issues, To work on that, I will be having a communications session with him on Friday morning. I have had really good results when Jeri has "talked" to Tucker and my other horses in the past, so perhaps this will get some kind of explanation and understanding of the basic, "Forward off the leg" issue. If something is sore or bothering him about my riding, the tack, or his body, we may find out by asking the right questions. If it is just a temperament issue, at least I will know that training will probably sort it out in time.

To the skeptics out there, I have had really amazing things happen with the animal communicator I use, so I am a believer. Here's hoping we will have some success sorting out Tucker's issues. He is a very talented horse, but at this time, his attitude is really getting in the way of progress.

Still haven't heard from Gabriel regarding the lesson on Wednesday, so I don't know which horse is going. I have decided that if Tucker stays home I will take Toby. While I have taken him as far as I feel is fair to him in dressage training, I can still learn some good riding skills by taking a lesson on him. It's not quite the same as riding to train, but rather riding to ride well.

I had thought to take Chance, but he is not really fit and even if we took a short lesson on him, the trailer ride over and the lesson just might be too much to ask at this point.

I'll just have to wait until he is fit.

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  1. Keep riding don't think about school..Ride ride ride...Giddy Up!