Monday, August 20, 2007

I Knew It Would Happen

As the Rain Keeps Coming

Actually, it hasn't really rained too hard, just off and on, but more is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.

So, in between showers, I decided to go out to take a short ride on Tucker. My main goal was to see how long it took me to recreate that wonderful feeling I had yesterday as noted in my post below.

I brought the big boy in only to find he was missing a shoe.

I'd called Scott, my farrier last week to get on his list and in that phone call I told him all the shoes were on, but that I was sure one would be missing before he came to do them.

Well, I was right.


Guess I will have to wait to see how to make Tucker into the wonder horse again.

And it's raining again. Sounds like Britain.


  1. I must say I'm pretty damp myself. I wonder if summer is ending early?

  2. james, it didn't begin, did it?