Sunday, August 05, 2007

Best Laid Plans

Oft Go Astray

So, it was kind of nice today. Pleasant this morning for sure, but I got up too late to take advantage of it.

I'd thought about going to church to hear the new harpsichord, but I was too late for that too.

So I lollygagged around the house after doing the barn chores and finally got back to work on the bedroom project. Did a fair bit of work there and then decided to go for a swim before I worked the Boys.

Well, once again, the lap pool was closed. Guess someone got sick again. And the family pool was closed. Someone else? Note here. Do not swim after you have eaten a bunch of greasy food from the snack bar???? Kids, I'd guess. One would hope an adult would have more sense.

Anyhow, the swim was out. The pool was not going to open again before closing.

OK, drove back home still dry.

Changed into riding gear and saddled up Toby for a short jaunt around the now cut rye field. Even in full bug armor, the darn flies were annoying him. Not intolerable, but definitely not completely comfortable.

Finished that ride and saddled up Tucker, bug armor and all for a workout in the ring.

Mixed reviews. He was kind of fussy, but I'm not sure how much of that was due to fly attacks on his legs and underparts. A big bomber fly came at us too, but it had no success. I'll chalk most of Tucker's erratic action to the bugs. They really were voracious.

Too bad too, because it really was kind of pleasant out there.

At any rate, we did a lot of transitions in all three gaits and, after some fair attempts and half pass called it a night.

I'd set up my new gas barbeque earlier and when I was done riding, I cooked a nice little steak with some veggies and had dinner.

Fat and not tired enough--I could have used that swim.

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  1. Did you say HARPSICHORD? That is so neat...