Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Heat is On---Again.

Did Some Work and Went to a Movie

Hot by the time I got up, so I fed the Boys and started some chores.

I dragged the riding ring and then decided to alternately clean up the paddocks and run-in shed and fill one of the low spots in the ring. That entails digging up what's left of my quarry screenings--now packed hard by rain and sun, fill the bucket on the tractor, drive it over to the ring, drop it, and later drag it level.

The tractor part is fine.

The shoveling is not.

Nor is picking up the manure to put it in the bucket.

Ah well. I managed to get fair bit done before I was totally exhausted. And, by then it was around noon time.

I had planned on going to see Harry Potter at 2:20 and getting my hair cut, so soon after I was on my way.

Side note here: I went to see Sicko Tuesday night. If half of what Michael Moore portrays about socialized universal health care in Britain, Canada, France and Cuba is true, the US is pathetically behind in our system.

While my health insurance is pretty good, I do have to pay. Right now, the treaments my knee doctor gives me are no longer covered, so I will have to outlay money the next time I go.

My chiropractor visits cost me a $10 co-pay at first and then, once I have gone 30 times, I have to pay $50 a visit. I have a way around that, and my school must reimburse me otherwise--complex story--but the fact is, I have to pay.

According to the film, other countries provide full health care of high quality for free to citizens. I am sure taxes pay for this, but when you consider how much a serious operation could cost here in the US, the tax payout would be far less.

Private companies, whose goal is profit, suppy insurance here and they often refuse to pay for treatments if they can get away with it.

Rant over.

At the moment, I can't do much about it, but I certainly hope his film stirs the government into action on this.

So, anyhow, I and my friend saw Harry Potter and really enjoyed it.

Then we went out to dinner. I came home, fed the Boys and kind of crashed.

It's Ok. It was too darn hot out to do much more.

My new Ansur Classic came today too, so I had plenty of incentive to ride. The saddle is gorgeous with a new pommel style and some additional cushioning.

As an Ansur rep, I need to use my own saddles for demonstration rides, so having the latest model is a good idea.

How's that for an excuse to buy a saddle?

Now I just need to sell my old one.

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