Monday, August 06, 2007

Neck Out

Moderately Hot

Not the best of weather today. Cloudy, then sunny, all over kind of hot.

My neck was out when I got up so I was battling a headache. It's actually been a while since it's been that bad, so off I went o the chiropractor. With physical therapy, that took up the whole morning.

On the way home I went to the pool, this time successfully beating the crowds--if any were going to show up with the iffy weather.

Did my laps. Would you believe the pool was practically empty and yet, the six kids managed to get into the middle lane of about five lap lanes set up for swimming to crash into me? The lifeguard quickly corrected them but still. Damn, the pool is huge. I was the only one swimming laps. They had half the pool to themselves and still managed to get in my way.

After laps, I slid down the water slide twice--also had that to myself and then did a couple tours in the innner tubes around the lazy river--Cozy Creek. Finished up with another four lengths of the pool and headed out to the feed store.

I'm pretty sure the saddle shop will be having the big tent sale in a week or so and with it the 20% off everything sale, so I only bought enough grain to hold me until then.

By the time I got home it was closing in on 3 PM.

Fed the Boys once I'd changed my clothes and then just kind of hung out, alternately using heat and ice on my still sore neck.

The weather bodes ill for the next two days. If I get up early again, I will work the Boys then before the heat--if it cools off overnight. Trouble is, the prediction is for temperatures up near 100F with high humidity.

Nasty, erratic summer weather. Bad bugs in the woods, but I have managed to keep pretty good control around the barn. The Boys have fans inside, but they have been hanging out outside a lot too, so the flies can't be too bad. As long as they stay away from the tree line of the forest, it's pretty good.

The forecast says it should break by Thursday. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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