Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Over One Hundred

And It's Not My Bank Account

It's the temperature.

On my garage, in the sun, the thermometer reads well over 106F.

The only saving grace is that there is a breeze.

I've spent another day doing virtually nothing. Well, a little cleaning, but that's it.

The horses are just hanging out in the barn with the fans blowing on them. Surprisingly, no one seemed to be too sweated up, so the fans, the shade and the lack of moving have helped.

I thought of going for a swim but I'd wager the pool is packed with kids. I may do some shopping later or I may not.

I do have to take the garbage and recylables out to the road so if I get the car out to carry the stuff down I may just keep going for a while. The kitties are out of cat treats and I did promise DJ I'd get some.

Chance is doing well, it seems to answer Claire's query. I lunged him a little the other day and I didn't see any sign of a limp. I will still wait at least another week as my vet suggested, but with this weather, it really doesn't matter anyhow. He is getting better about the fly spray too, but still will escape somehow if I don't put a lead shank on him and treats in his feed tub.

When I read Caroline's blog about her trials with Jazz, I keep hoping Chance's warmblood breeding is tempered by his mother's Paint/Pinto traits enough that he will just be an average kind of horse as far as his attitude goes. I have seen some signs of rebellion, and he is certainly very, very smart, so that bodes for an interesting future.

Still, he has been just a doll about going out on the trail and was positively golden when he visited the big horse show, so I am hoping he will prove to be a mellow fellow.

Only time will tell and I am very patient.


  1. Todays weather was brutal, mayhem in Brooklyn and Staten Island...Guess we were lucky.

  2. I make it all up just to scare you Jean :-)))))

    Maybe you've got a German bloodlines one. My friend's two seem to be more sensible than the Dutch ones I've got!

    I do NOT envy you that weather, I'd rather be rained on.