Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well, That's No Fun

Hot and Humid

Again. Not a nice morning even, so I just fed the Boys and didn't try to work anyone.

Had to go back to the chiropractor which then led to some shopping.

Then a quick lunch and I went off for a swim. Good time as there was no one in the lap lanes to bother me so I managed, I think, 22-24 lengths of the pool before calling it a day.

Back home I thought about some chores but didn't do much. Fed the Boys and the cats, hung out and then as the sun dipped below the horizon, decided it might have cooled off enough so I went out to lunge Tucker.

I guess the big B52 flies had the same idea. The lunging went well considering that two huge horseflies, measuring over and inch long each decided Tucker's rump looked nice and tasty. He had the fly sheet on so when they made first landing I managed to bring him in to me and squash one of them.

The other one was too quick and keep on the attack. Once or twice it made contact with horse instead of sheet and Tucker went into some wild bucks. This is exactly why trying to ride him when the flies are out is actually dangerous. The bug armor has so far deterred the big ones, but I still have to be on the alert. The only good thing was that Tucker's canter was faster than the fly could fly so we were able to just keep ahead of it at the end of the session and then hurry back into the barn.

The tenacious critter followed us into the run in shed too and I almost nailed it when it landed on the door, but I think I missed. Either way, the horses were safe in the stalls with the fans blowing at high on them. Fed everyone a carrot and gave up.

I wait all year for summer vacation when I have all the time in the world and then the weather and the bugs conspire to make riding a lost art.

Ah well, at least Tucker had a bit of exercise. He won't be totally out of shape.

And I'll just keep myself fit swimming.


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