Friday, August 31, 2007

Post for Muriel

One of the Russian Horses

I did some Internet research on the Russian (Soviet Union) riders to see what I could find out about a wonderful ride I saw in Montreal in 1976 at the Olympics. I had posted my comments about it on Muriel's blog.

I found a picture of Kizimov, the Soviet rider, on his earlier Olympic mount, Ikhor. He won gold in a previous Olympic game on this horse. The horse I saw him ride was Rebus. However, I would have to think both horses were trained to the same standard. If this picture is, as it appears to be, of piaffe, I think Muriel will agree, this is how a good piaffe should look.

Ikhor's croup may look a little high, but I think that is more his conformation than any incorrectness.

What I really like about this is how elevated his font end is through the shoulder. As well his poll is definitely the highest point and he is not overbent but very correctly established on the bit a little in front of the vertical. He looks so light and easy.


f you go to Muriel's blog at: you will see the discussion. I think Beudant's horse is more elevated than Ikhor, but the feeling to the rein is very similar as opposed to Anky's horse.

As I said there, having ridden with a Russian trainer a few times, I had a feeling his style was more like the French school. I think this picture helps support that idea.

I've since found another photo with a nice piaffe. In this one, the hind end engagement is really accented:

Look at that loop in the reins! This horse looks so active and lively. (Kathy Wood-Copa riding Topper:

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  1. Thanks Jean. What a great photo!!!
    How come we do not see this anymore :-(

    I am off to the FEI European Dressage championship at Turin, tomorrow. I will try to see, If I can see any piaffer of this type !

    Thanks again for the photo. Really inspiring!