Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What a Shoe Off!

Shoe Was A Bad Day...

Get the puns?

Tucker lost his new shoe sometime this afternoon. I kept him in all night and most of the morning. I had a chiropractor appointment, so I turned everyone out for the afternoon.

It was not raining, and aside from some spots around my barn itself, the mud was not bad. I opened the ring gate to the pasture where there was no mud.

Scott had done a good job nailing the shoe back on the foot he'd lost it from, but to tell the truth, that foot was not in good shape as it had a big chunk out of it in the area of the nail holes. I guess there just wasn't enough hoof to hold it when it got wet.

Or else, the frolicking got pretty raucous and Tucker stepped on the shoe. Or....

I called Scott and he said he'd come out sometime tomorrow. If the sun comes out the ground will dry up pretty quickly and that will help a lot, but now I will be trying to figure some way to keep the shoes on until that foot grows back.

The problem with keeping Tucker in is that he gets pretty high when I try to ride him. Lunging does nothing to settle him down either. This does not bode well.

I didn't get to ride him today as I had planned on it for this evening when I discovered the missing shoe. Frustrating now, but more worrisome down the line.

Guess we'll just have to see what Scott says--besides giving me a lecture about turnout. *sigh*

I did find two shoes in the pasture--which is not at all muddy. One was Toby's and one Tucker's but I don't think it's the new one. I'm pretty sure it's the one he lost just before.

I'll go out again tomorrow to do a shoe search, but it's not easy combing three acres.


  1. Now that does not sound like found shoe shopping in a pasture. Maybe the mall or so, not the pasture...

  2. i always think we should all have industrial strength magnets for the purpose.

    mind, it's a lot easier when they're barefoot!

  3. It certainly is one of the huge benefits of barefoot, never having to listen for that telltale "thunk" as the shoeless foot hits the yard when they come in. Bad luck Jean, it's SO irritating - but you are incredibly lucky to get a farrier the next day, pretty unheard of in England!!