Saturday, August 18, 2007

Three for Three

Canada Air

Thanks to our neighbor to the north, we had beautiful, cool and dry weather today.

I kept the windows open in the house and got some chores done. Still much to do, but at least some is finished.

As evening drew on I went out to ride. I had put it off because the Boys were really enjoying being out in the pasture. I had locked them out last night because of the thunderstorms. (And rightly so as someone was stuck by lightning in a parking lot perhaps 20 miles away.) So I let them bask in the sunshine and cool breezes.

Chance came to me first, so I rode him for perhaps 15 minutes. He is steering really well. He is not yet steady to the bit, but once he goes for a little while, he does drop his head and take the rein. I am not pushing him to make the connection yet as we have just started up again after his long layoff. But, I am pleased to say he seems to remember just about everything I taught him before his injury. He moves slightly off the leg so I can bend him and he's pretty even left to right. I need to make sure I keep working him both directions, changing right to left in regular patterns. That way, he won't become one-sided.

Tucker was next and we had a good school except that it wasn't until I was nearly done that I discovered I had buckled his noseband over the bit on the right side instead of under it. Thank goodness that was the problem because he had been resisitant on the right rein and I was worrying that we'd developed a new unevenness. He is still being a little "sticky" on the first canter depart and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am working him in a shorter frame. He likes to feel very free before striking off in canter, and when he is more "together" I think it's a harder concept for him to understand. I am asking a lot of him now, so I have to find the balance between being too strong and not being strong enough. He is a very sensitive fellow and the right combination of aids can make a world of difference it getting his cheerful cooperation.

Toby made it clear he wanted to go for a trail ride, but I stayed in the arena. There were no flies there, but I'm pretty sure there were lots in the woods. We worked for about 20 minutes just doing some nice trot work and then a session of canter. Since Tucker was watching intensely from the fence, I had Toby demonstrate canter half pass to flying change several times. Tuck seemed very interested, but when I had Toby do some three tempi to finish up, the audience was distracted. I guess Tucker can only take in so much at one time. *G*

By the time I was done and the reward carrots dispensed, darkness was falling. It was then even more lovely and cool. After all the heat and humidity, it felt wonderful.


  1. Jean I'm trying to find somewhere that has a horse I can try tempi changes on for my 50th birthday next year - it's a dream of mine to get one doing them!


  2. Yorkshire riding centre Caroline ....not TOO far away and a nice drive out...

  3. It is a way cool feeling. If Yorkshire has a schoolmaster that can do them, that sounds like the ticket.

    Toby changes almost too easily as did PJ before him.
    Once they learn, it's really pretty easy to get them, so a well trained horse will teach you right away.