Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Off

For No Reason at All

It's Monday, so after a full day at school, I was too worn out to ride. I know I'll be sorry as the weather was pretty nice.

And, from all indications, I have a lesson with Gabriel on the weekend, so I need to get some quality saddle time in between now and then. Well, not essential, actually. The nice thing about a lesson is that we work with the horse we have at the time, not some figment of our imagination of what the horse should be at the time.

That is the approach to lessons I have developed over the years. My horses have more than once surprised me at a lesson in both good and bad ways. Sometimes they perform far beyond what I would ever have expected--like the time Lockie Richards told me to cross the center line at a canter and ask Toby for a flying change. There it was, first time ever! And, at the opposite side are the lessons where we spent the entire session just walking or trotting or trying to relax.

With Tucker, I've even spent a few lessons just standing there, trying to convince him to take just one step forward or sideways or back or just to move his foot. However, I have high hopes for the weekend. I have treated him for his hock issues and he is currently on another course of the ulcer medication. So, he has no real excuses. Nor do I.

Which means we will probably spend a part of the lesson spooking at things in and around the arena. We will be going down to Stacie's farm to ride. When I first adopted Tucker, he lived there as he was not yet gelded. Stacie took incredibly good care of him. He had a leg injury with a big section of proud flesh that needed regular care and bandaging. Stacie was a wonderful nurse and Tuck managed to be a tolerable patient for a two year old Thoroughbred.

But that was a long time ago, so returning will be a new adventure for Tuck. However, if he loses a shoe between now and then, Chance will be going instead. I could even take Toby if I was totally stuck.

When I think about it, I'm pretty lucky to have the options. Three nice horses to choose from.


  1. I think it is pretty amazing also that you have 3 horses who are all sound and can be used for lessons! I hope you have fun and learn lots!
    Is you lesson on Sat or Sun? I am asking for purely selfish reasons...your trainer is one of 2 people listed as a possible judge for my show this weekend.

  2. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Hope you have a wonderful lesson - it's nice that you have all those boys to choose from! I think riding the horse you have today, rather than that imaginary horse, takes a lot of pressure off and, as you say, sometimes allows for interesting things to happen.

  3. My trainer? I'll have to ask him.

    Gabriel is coming on Sunday.

  4. I know Jean! I was surprised to see G. Armando listed as a possible judge myself...I didn't think he had any judging credentials.I will let you know if he is the one they use!

  5. Aha! My trainer is a different Gabriel...Gabriel Meyer.

    Gabriel Armando may have his credentials. If, however, the show is not recognized, it may not matter. Is it a schooling show?

  6. Revise that!! Gabriel Armando has his FEI "I" certification for judging. Whatever level show it is he is qualified.

    Never ridden with him. He's done some clinics around here, though.

  7. so tuck does the odd "plant" as well does he?

    lots of painkillers for your knees and you'll be fine....

  8. Good luck with your lessons. I hope you have lots of good experiences no matter who you take.