Tuesday, June 09, 2009


What To Do?

So, we had some wicked thunderstorms come through this morning and more on the way for tonight. I fed the Boys, came in to get ready for school and went back out to find a big tree limb across the driveway, with part of it on my truck and the rest having just missed my car. Fortunately the heaviest part of the limb had hit only the ground, and a lighter part was resting on the truck roof, looking as if it had done no real damage. *whew*

But that meant a cursory cleanup moving things a bit so I could get out.

I saved the rest for when I got home. Pruning saw in hand, I began sorting out some of the smaller branches from the big huge limb, then after moving them out of the way, used the tractor to pull the thing off the truck and somewhat out of the way. But, I decided to hold off on moving it much further until I decide where to put it and how much more I have to saw up.

Then, because of the storms the horses have been spending lots of time in the stalls once more spreading hay all over making a soggy mess. While I have been picking them out, once more the stalls needed a stripping. (Didn't I just do that last week???) This time I used the tractor with the front end loader which made the whole process a lot more manageable.

By then, I was thoroughly done in and I still have a rehearsal for my solo in church on Sunday.

Oh, nearly forgot to add that I dumped two bags of feed into the bin only to find the second one had gone bad, thus contaminating the good one. I called the feed store and they will make good on it, but I'm two bags down so it will be a bit tight by Friday which is the first chance I have to go to the feed store for the exchange.

Looks like project "Let's go Forward, Tucker" will have to wait at least another day.


  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    What a lot of work! I have a couple of hay-strewers - Dawn and Noble particularly - if it gets stepped on it's "dirty" and therefore inedible - lots of mess! I've had some success with hay bags for Noble - he makes a lot less mess. They're probably not ideal for respiratory health, but so far he hasn't had a problem.

  2. Gee you sound like you had a really rotten day. We had the storms too, but at least there is no damage. I don't envy you having to get that tree limb out of there. Never a dull moment.

  3. What a physically strenuous life you lead. I bet you don't need a personal trainer to get "definition" in your arms.

  4. Something to be said about things coming in 3's . . . 1) the tree limb, interestingly enough I just had one come crashing down on the house - but hit apex of roof so like your truck (hopefully) no damage, 2) feed . . . yea, bummer there . . . like, where do you end up dumping the stuff?? 3) Soiled hay . . most of the girls, when in a stall, gobble it up faster than it can get dirty; the stallion, on the other hand, likes to kick it around so I've been using haynets and that has drastically cut down on waste.

  5. thank goodness you weren't IN your truck!