Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cold Water On A Warmish Day

In the Swim of Things

I went swimming both yesterday and today. The water was kind of cold, but once I got going it felt wonderful! It's also great for my neck. I did 12 full laps each day and then rode around the lazy river about three times. Today, I was a bit cold on the river when the breeze picked up. I think it's cooling off a bit, which would be great for the week as my classroom is so miserable in the heat.

I lunged Tucker and Chance again as my knees are still "iffy." This time, I used the trotting poles as they were and then moved them to set up a little gymnastic which could be either trotted or cantered. There was a pole, a stride a little one foot jump, a stride and a pole so we could take it in either direction. Then, on the outside, near the fence, I set up a single, 2'6" jump.

Tucker was a bit lazy again at his trot work before we did the poles, but when I widened the circle to include them, he headed for them completely on his own and kept the line as honestly as he has ever done. When I added the little jump complex, he decided he preferred to trot it and really elevated his stride to get over the raised obstacle in the middle. He also, interestingly enough, seemed to prefer trotting into the approach of the 2'6" jump as well. This, he jumped, but it does take a little more effort to jump from a trot than from a canter, so I found his choice curious. I did ask him to canter in at least twice on each rein which he also did just fine. He really is a nice jumper.

Chance was in a "I'd rather canter" mood again, so I let him move on for a while until settling him into his trot work. His first pass through the little grid was at the canter, but then he alternated between trotting the obstacles and cantering them. I didn' t bother in insisting on either gait but just let him choose.

He did decide to canter the larger jump. But on the right rein, he kept wanting to pick up the left lead which made the jump a little more awkward. The last couple times, though, he took the right lead and put in a much nicer effort. The left lead was fine. Chance is a little "left handed" so I wasn't too worried about it. Under saddle, he will generally take the lead I ask for with a few mistakes on the right rein, but nothing that's difficult to fix.

All in all it was a fun schooling session and I think the Boys enjoyed themselves.


  1. Anonymous8:52 PM

    It's nice that you always think of interesting things for them to do - no mindless lungeing for you and the boys!

    Glad the swimming is helping your neck - I wish I could swim, but a persistent middle ear problem keeps me from it.

  2. i don't find that swimming helps my neck... possibly my technique needs some lessons? ... to the extent that i haven't been for ages (also end up with my ankles hurting as well, LOL)