Saturday, June 06, 2009

What Saturday?

Where Did It Go?

I kind of did nothing really worthwhile for most of the morning. For some reason I did not sleep well, so once I was up--rather late--I was slow getting started.

Then, I had to go to the feed store to get grain. They only had 5 bags of the feed I use, but they will be getting more next week, so I will have to go back. Stopped at the tack store for the summer sizzling sale where I got some Ariat bug proof breeches for just under $20 and some more bell boots for Tucker at 25% off. Filled the truck with gas and headed home.

I started to hitch up the trailer and found out I was out of grease for the ball and some of the other parts of the rig. So I headed back to the hardware store. Bought some pizza and an antipasto on the way home.

Hooked up the trailer, checked the lights, pulled it out into the driveway and decided both it and the truck were pretty grungy looking after all winter. My trailer is, unfortuately, white and some of the paint is not as slick as it should be. (Some day I will get it repainted.) It doesn't clean up too well but I gave it a good wash with an organic stain remover and then washed the truck.

It was then that I noticed how hot it was out. The garage temperature was up near 90F.

I considered going for a swim, but figured it would wear me out too much and opted to take a quick shower instead.

I plan to go out later to give Tucker a long lining session as a prep for the lesson tomorrow.


  1. Bug proof breeches - do they have a repellant in the fabric? Hope you had the energy to do the long lining. I would like to do some of that. I did a bit a few years ago but need to do it under supervision. It's kind of like flying a stunt kite. I love the feeling in my hands.

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Good luck with your lesson!

  3. Hope you have a great lesson today.
    I've got to wash my white trailer too. I always wondered how it would do in one of those semi-truck washing places, but have been too chicken to try it out.