Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sweet Dreams

So, I came home from school, fed the Boys, fed myself, lay down for "just a few minutes" and woke up again at nearly 2 AM!

Hadn't slept well the night before and it showed.

The grass in the pasture must be better than I thought, though. When I was still awake and feeding, the Boys showed no interest in coming in for dinner. I called and called.

Then, I saw Tuck just coming over the little hill in the far corner. He made it nearly to the gate and stopped. Chance, behind him, stopped too, but there was no sign of Toby. I finally started to go out myself worried that something might be wrong.

Toby was just getting up from having a nice roll and sauntered over, totally unconcerned. Then Tucker came up to my side and followed me in as if I were lead horse for the day.

Could be, which has happened before, that something in or around the barn had scared them earlier. The other day I did find a big feather in the aisle--wild turkey? Goose? Something like that suddenly appearing in the barn and then stalking around could certainly worry my Boys.

I mean, after all, theses are the horses spooked by Moby Chair. What havoc could a Lurky Turkey wreck?


  1. You could be right about a goose or turkey. We have geese in the pond and Nate has been popping wheelies going past them. So silly. On the other hand Blue charges them and chases them out of the paddocks. It's all personalities I guess.

  2. Well, if they were in the pasture or paddocks, that would be another matter. BUT such creatures are not supposed to be in the aisle of the barn. It is the element of the unexpected that matters to my Boys. *lol*

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    How much longer do you have school? Sounds like you need to get more rest when you can!

  4. That's the thing - you never know what might have spooked them in your absence. In Colorado we lived right next to the foothills and I am sure that mountain lions, maybe even bears paid a visit to the barns while no humans were around.

  5. When I was about 10 I broke my arm because my pony and I were our for a ride on the trails and we actually got hit by a wild turkey. It knocked me off of Jasper. He in turn ran back to the house and climbed the front step to the door until he got my mom's attention and she came out to get me. He was very Lassie-ish.

  6. how long till you retire now?