Saturday, June 13, 2009

Too Hot for Me

And Then Come the Bugs

Very hot and humid this afternoon. It was supposed to be in the 70's with rain/clouds. Not sure what the temp was but it was a heck of a lot hotter than that. The mosquitoes are out in full force too, even in the day. Guess I have to call mosquito control for a look see. The Boys were hanging out in the barn...well all except Tucker who trotted over to me when I pulled in the driveway to get the mail. I pulled some of the nice long---since I haven't mowed the lawn--grass and gave him a pile, but he ate it quickly and hurried back up to the barn too in order to get away from the biting pests.

Top it off, my left knee is really hurting, all the way down the outside of my leg. I don't know if I strained it or if this is just "how it's going to be."

My medical insurance no longer pays for the treatments my doctor gives me that work. This is not a good thing as I cannot afford them without the insurance.

So that leaves some not so pleasant options. There is an outside possibility of some injections that might help a little, but my only other recourse for long term relief would be surgery. I could try to have the missing lignament replaced. That is a major undertaking with a pretty long lay up and I don't know if they'd do that if my arthritis is too bad.

The second option is, of course, knee replacements. That is my least favorite solution of all available to me. Again, a long layup, and what are the riding prospects afterwards?

Fact is, the treatments would cost the insurance company a lot less money than either surgery. You'd think, in the interest of profits, they would not begrudge me something that works.

Anyhow, a good night's rest and some Tylenol might make me feel better. We'll see....again....what tomorrow brings.


  1. Anonymous5:26 AM

    What is it with the weather this year? We're just getting our annual plague of mosquitos, and in some ways I think they're worse that the flies - when I went to put on Lily's rain sheet last night the mosquitos were all over her. I've had some luck with a particularly nasty spray called Mosquito Halt - you don't want to read the list of ingredients and it smells pretty toxic, but it does help.

    Sorry to hear your knee is acting up. Our health care system, with its bias towards high-cost invasive treatments, is going to have to change soon to emphasize preventative and life enhancement treatments - the question is, will it change soon enough to help out people of our generation?

  2. We seem to have lots of flies already and mosquitoes too.
    I can sympathize with you on the knees. It is a long lay up and if you don't have help it's not an option with the horses.
    The knee injections didn't really help me so I had the surgery on the right knee. Now I'm just trying to stave off the other one for as long as I can. Arthritis and getting old stinks. Feel better.

  3. When you posted photos of the protective clothing your horses have against bugs, I realized what a huge problem that must be in your part of the world and started counting my lucky stars. I would hate that.
    Damn those knees. I would put a call into my congress-person's office. You are a teacher who has served her community and the health care issues are currently a hot topic. Sometimes a little nudge regarding the possibilities of being called to explain themselves in a public hearing will make some bureaucrat see the light. No suffering in silence!

  4. presumably they have the figures?

    i dont profess to begin to understand us health insrance, we don't have to think about that at all if we don't want to/can't although sometimes the nhs is a bit restrictive on alternative therapies