Friday, June 05, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Soggy Boggy

I went to a conference in South Jersey yesterday and came home to late and exhausted to do much with the Boys. It had rained nearly all day and was starting up again anyhow.

And today!! So far, all it's done is rain.

Despite that, the Boys were way out in the pasture grazing when I got up. They were in no hurry at all to come in for breakfast. I guess there is a bit of grass out there. Again, nothing lush, but enough to keep them happy.

I fed, went back into the house, made my own breakfast and as I sat down to eat the phone rang. It was Scott, my fabulous farrier. He was coming to shoe today. That meant I really needed to lock the Boys in their stalls. And it meant I had to go out to fill water buckets. Since they have a good water trough which I always keep full and clean, I do not keep their buckets full in the barn unless they need to stay in for some reason.

So back out I went to close them in--fortunately they were not done eating so they were still in their stalls--do the buckets and make sure their halters were in a spot where Scott would find them.

It took me another 20 minutes I'd not planned on, but somehow I still managed to get off to school only about 10 minutes late. (Must have cut some time in the "getting ready" phase of my morning.)

From the looks of it, it's been raining ever since. It does not look too promising for this evening.

I also took my prep time at school to go to the chiropractor to get my neck adjusted before I developed a headache. I was not sitting very ergonomically at the conference yesterday and I was cold most of the day too. This rain is making the temperatures about 15-20 degrees below normal for this time of year and most buildings have the heat turned off for the season.

I have a little heater here under my computer at school if I need to warm up, so I'm fine today.

Sunday, I have my lesson with Gabriel. I hope Stacie's pasture area dries out enough to we can park the trailer in there without getting stuck. Her driveway and back yard are not really very big, so getting in and out with a trailer is not at all easy. The only real way is to back in and once in, there is no room for another trailer to come in as well. There are at least two of us trucking horses in for the lessons, so it could be a real problem. It is supposed to be nice, dry and sunny on Saturday, so maybe things will dry out enough.

I am looking forward to the lesson as it should kind of gear me back up for some more serious training. And, the good thing is that Tucker will be wearing a nice new pair of shoes for the occasion!


  1. Like the new blog pic of the boys . . . looking mischevious, I might add (justifiably so, judging from the fence). How is it the area most often repaired continues to be the area most trashed? Law of attraction? Every action has an opposite an equal reaction? It's the same with my boys. And why is it mostly boys? Did Robert Southey profess a universal truth?

    Rain . . . very rarely an issue on the high plains here, welcome when it comes, most always wanting more. I shan't gripe about it for I am thankful, however . . . we've had so much this spring that most all farmers have delayed first cutting and my hay reserves are rapidly dwindling - wonder how farmers in wetter climes get their hay up when it rains so often?

    Hope you & Tuck have a fantastic ride Sunday.

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Good luck with your lesson - hope the rain stays away!

  3. aaahhh. i promise i hadn't read your blog before i wrote mine! (same title....)