Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

Another "Party"

Well, the act of retiring certain does get interesting. Today, there was a "mandatory" faculty meeting at 2:30, after the students had gone home on the half day of school.

One quick announcement and then a simply lovely thank-you and complimentary speech by my school principal about me and then, a cake!! "Happy Retirement, Jean," and it was all spelled correctly. *S* Delicious and plenty go go around. I left a good chunk in the main office for anyone who was hungry. It was a very nice tribute, particularly when the principal mentioned my play and how much extra work I had done this year to see it through to its two productions. What I liked was the fact that he noted I did not "slack off" in my last year at work, and that I had given so much to the school.

A worthy wrap up of my teaching career. I wanted to retire before I could not do a best job any more. I was tired and losing my enthusiasm. Creating new and inventive ways to teach my classes was getting harder and harder. Better to go when I was still doing a good job and giving my all to the job. I am pleased to report I have apparently succeeded.

It was hot when I came home. That kind of humid hot that makes it unpleasant to do much. I fed the Boys, then decided to make some beef stoganoff for dinner. However, I had no mushrooms. I prepped the meat, then headed to the supermarket for the mushrooms. Well all the sales lured me from one aisle to another and I ended up with several bags of other stuff, but a savings of over $15 in the process.

I came home, made the stroganoff, went outside to put some garbage in the can and felt the first drops of rain. Sure enough, as I was eating we had a torrential downpour.

Gee, just what we needed....more rain!!

As they say, it kind of put a damper on my plans to ride...or something.

Let me add to the bird feeder saga. Now I have all the birds, four squirrels, looks like four wild turkeys, a groundhog, and some rabbits all living the high life off the food I put out. If I ever have to build the ark with all this rain, I may be able, at this rate, to save one of each species without leaving the back yard.

It is fun to watch, though.


  1. Dr. Doolittle, I presume????
    Enjoy your next chapter, Jean.

  2. On to new things! Love your bird feeder crowd!

  3. The bird feeder sounds interesting to watch and it's a good thing too with all this rain, at least you won't get too bored.
    Glad you had a nice time at school, it's so nice to be noticed and feel appreciated.