Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Ouch

N0t the Best Of Days

I woke up not feeling well. Part of it was that my neck was out and I was on the brink of a headache, but my stomach was upset too. I went to the chiropractor and got my neck fixed, but things just didn't want to clear up. When I got back home it was back to bed for a few hours.

When I felt a little better in the afternoon, I went to the pool for a swim. Most of the time the exercise in the water helps my neck. It did to some degree, but after I fed the Boys dinner, I lay back down.

Of course, while I was napping, I was awakened by heavy rain as ANOTHER storm passed over. Just what we needed......yeah, right.

Eventually I felt good enough to go out to the barn to lunge. I worked Tucker first and he is getting more and more obedient every time he goes on the line. Now I am able to switch his gaits almost instantly. So we did a lot of canter/trot/canter transitions.

To my surprise, Toby seemed interested in doing something, so I lunged him next. I did make it an easy session as he is the least fit of my little herd. As usual, he was perfect, but I'm not sure if he is more interested in the apple at the end of actually getting out to do some work.

Chance was last on the agenda and he too was a good boy. He still takes the wrong lead on the right rein now and then, but it's getting easier and easier to correct. He is a good boy and quite a nice little mover. He is definitely my "fun" horse.

Everyone earned an apple, except for me as I haven't eaten much all day.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a little more ambitious.


  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Good for you for getting out there and working with the boys even though you didn't feel great - but feel better and don't overdo!

  2. It's good you felt well enough to swim and work with the boys. I wouldn't push it though, you might make yourself worse.

  3. My stomach often feels upset when I have a headache and it takes a while to clear.

    Lunging is a good compromise. It's an opportunity to communicate to the horse and, while not a strenuous workout, gives a nice little package of exercise.