Thursday, June 25, 2009

Follow Up

I Think I'm Done

There are all kinds of little details involved in signing out of school for the summer. Add signing out of school for "Life" and even more details add up. I think I am virtually done except for the defrosting fridge in my back room and my famous teaching chair. And, I'll take one more look on the computer to make sure I have saved all the files I might need some day. I have to go in tomorrow morning to finish up the last of the paperwork, have my classroom inspected, and pick up my final paycheck. Then it's official.

My last classes were fun. I have a nifty little reading game I invented and the few kids that were there really had a good time playing it. There was laughter, spirited competition, and complete involvement all period long. What more could a teacher ever want? That's the kind of stuff I am going to miss.

Tonight was graduation and I went out to dinner with one of my fellow teachers afterward. A bunch of other people showed up later to hang out at the bar, but I'm not into that, so I kind of talked for a while, got some more hugs, and came home.

It was one of those hot, muggy days again and this time the sun was out, so all I did was put the fans on in the barn for the Boys and leave it at that. With school out, I can ride nearly anytime, so if it stays somewhat cool in the mornings, I'll probably get some saddle time in sooner or later.

And, the swimming pool will be open. That means lots of swimming to cool down and get a little more fit.

And, I have some work to do on both an evironmental grant we have as well as some research on the infamous infiltration basin. Looks like the next week or so will be pretty busy.

Oh, yes, Stacie is going to pick up her new horse on the 3rd. I might offer to go with her if she doesn't already have someone else.

This is Stacie with Sedona. I will fill in on details when I'm sure I have them straight. As I recall, he is 11 Hanovarian, 16.1 h, trained to second level. (Just before flying changes. Simple changes, medium trots, half passes, shoulder in.) From what Stacie says, he's a honey and he "Needs a mom."

It's going to be super when she has him home for a good dose of love.


  1. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Sedona looks lovely and Stacie seems very happy in the picture! Glad she finally found what looks like the right horse.

  2. i was expecting to read about "surprise" parties/gifts for you on your very last day!

    anyway, before you know where you are, you'll wonder that you ever had the time to go to work..