Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anyone Fancy a Swim?

Maybe I Could Just Dig a Pool

Now's the time, while it's still raining, and raining, and....more downpours today. I could convert the arena to a swimming pool. The only good thing is that it is still cool in my classroom. The kids are taking final exams and no one is sweating beyond the demands of the tests.

Car into the shop. It will cost a pretty penny but not an unaffordable fortune. They are going to order the parts tonight and expect them to be there tomorrow, so I should be all set. It really is a good repair garage. I have gone there before and found them to be honest and mechanically excellent. When I told others where the car was, I got unanimous thumbs up. Excellent reputation and a very straightforward, polite, and human attitude about dealing with customers.

Then, I just got off the phone to the electric company trying to figure out why my bill was so high since I've had the solar system in full operation since sometime in January. Now, I come to find out that when they switched my meter over to the new one that can run backwards to account for the energy I produce, they canceled all the bills I'd paid from as far back as December. So the bill I just got covers what I owe them for nearly 6 months instead of just one. I am not particularly illiterate, so it would have been awfully nice if somewhere on those pages someone had offered to explain to me in English rather than company jargon. When I finally got a representative on the phone he was moderately polite with the distinct tone in his voice that he was explaining something to a semi-ignorant woman who had no idea that meter changes made so much difference in the larger world of energy production/distribution/sales/consumption and the much larger overall economy of the nation. I carefully repeated to him what I thought he had explained to me and, much to my relief, I had apparently completely understood the complex financial issues.

If I'm right, next month, they might actually owe me some money.

The Boys are fine despite Tucker's raid on the--my fault--unprotected feed room/bin last night. I guess it was Tucker. But whoever it was got into the can of bad feed which I still haven't dumped because it weighs (or weighed before the raid) over 100 pounds and I will need to dispose of it in two lighter weight stages in the far reaches of the forest if it ever dries out enough to drive the tractor out there.... Well, I digress. Somebody with four legs, a mane and a tail raided the bad feed but no one with the same description seems to be any the worse for wear. I did pick out the worst of the tainted pellets, so perhaps that was the ultimate lifesaver here.

It's been enough hours that I suspect I can breathe a sigh of relief. Although, aside from a few crunched up cores, a whole new bag of nine apples disappeared along with the grain, so that's a few more dollars down the drain....or the tummy.

Someone was a happy boy.


  1. this seems to be a regular occurrence, feed bin/store raids!

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Glad Tucker is OK! I know what you mean about the rain - we're supposed to get more storms tonight and tomorrow and at this rate I'm going to have to swim to go out to the pastures.

  3. I guess we've all got the same weather and it is getting monotonous. Glad your boys are okay after the raid.
    Don't you just love it when they treat you like a moron, I have no patience for that kind of condescending attitude. I hope the owe you lots of money.