Monday, June 08, 2009

Da Plane, Da Plane!!!

Mystery Partially Solved

I just got an email from Stacie. Apparently some 650 National Guard troops came home from Iraq yesterday into Fort Dix--less than a mile from Stacie's.

Those planes may have made a lot of noise during the lessons, but their arrival was far more important than our riding, that's for sure.

I am so pleased to have been there to see them coming home like that.


  1. Joy to their families!

  2. Hi Jean just catching up. In your lesson it sounds like Tucker was tired. I agree with you about the bucks, if you stayed in the saddle despise the fact they were HUGE, they were a signs of joy not of disobediance or you would have flied away O_o!

    Good news. Tucker perhaps lacks of endurance.
    I am sure you will get fit expecially when you are retired ^-^