Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Back to School

And More Rain

It rained again and is supposed to rain the rest of the week. I didn't really have time to ride the Boys today anyhow as I had to go back to school for the dance concert.

A lot of my students are in the dance department and I always feel it's important for teachers to attend their performances. I also try to visit students in their shop classes once in a while to see the work they have done there. And I spent time visiting shops during the special school competition (Green Tech Expo) to see the projects they were submitting. I even managed to see a few of the Expo presentations/demonstrations. I used to get to some of the sports team games, but this year didn't manage, although I do ask students how their games went.

Some teachers don't go to anything. And today, I was kind of annoyed to discover several teachers who didn't even know there was a dance concert tonight. The posters have been up at the school for weeks, but no one even bothered to look--I guess. Might be why my play didn't evoke a whole lot of interest either.

Don't know what the solution is, but I wish more teachers would show an interest in what the kids do in places other than just their classrooms.

At any rate, I do intend to attend things at the school even after I retire. I hope to stay involved with the performing arts department somehow, so that's a given. The rest? I don't know, but somehow I have a feeling I won't be totally severing my connections to the school system--at least not just yet.


  1. Keep on doing what you're doing. It's obviously worthwhile.

  2. Anonymous6:33 AM

    It's great that you care enough about your students to care about the things they're doing outside the classroom - you're right, it would be nice if other teachers got how important this is as well.

    We're very fortunate - my younger daughter attends a very small high school and every one, parents, teachers, kids, attends lots of events to support others in the school. It creates a real community.