Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Weather Turns

Now It's Getting Warmer and I Wind Wimped Out

Last night was frozen solid when I got home. In the early morning hours, it snowed, but that quickly changed to rain. Not much, fortunately. Sunrise brought moderating temperatures and me with a migraine coming on. So went to the chiropractor for an adjustment. As I post it is just past noon. and the sun is making a valiant attempt to shine.

Should be a riding report added on later today.

OK, I wimped out. The wind never died down, so even though it was warmer the wind chill was cold. I kept the Boys in their winter blankets all day and could not get myself warm at all.

When I finally went out to feed at around 5, it was still blowing. So, I poo picked, cleaned the water tub, and finally dragged the arena.

By then it was getting dark and finally the air was calming down but I just surrendered. After all, riding is supposed to be fun for me, not a chore at this point. Being chilled to the bone is not fun.

Tomorrow bodes well for rising temps, so that looks good.


  1. good! hope you get some good work done.

  2. AARRgh winds. I cannot stand it.
    I rode in the rain, in the snow ... but the wind gets to me.

  3. can't blame you for wimping out in wind ..... lucky for me our arena is sheltered from the worst of it, and it's dropped enough by the time i go down on a weekend to be sensible..

  4. I hate the wind - we're all entitled to a wimp now and then!