Saturday, March 15, 2008

Busy Day

Ouch in the Head

Woke up on the brink of a migraine. Fed the Boys and called the chiropractor and made an appointment.

The adjustment did not clear my headache completely, but it helped a lot. That happens sometimes if I wait too long. Since this one came on sometime during the night, it already had several hours head start.

I then went to Home Depot to buy a new washer and dryer. My washing machine is over 20 years old and definitely not cleaning, rinsing, or properly spinning my clothes. I figured calling a repairman would be at least $200 and who knows if he could fix it. Since Home Depot was having a sale, I decided to go for it and buy new. My dryer has already had one repair for the problem it's having again--only drying on high heat--so I'm also not convince another repair call would solve its problems once and for all.

I had already preselected a make and models using the Internet reviews and information. What I bought was far from the most expensive, so that too was good. Delivery will be in more than a week because I decided to wait until Easter break week.

That set of shopping done, I headed over to my Aunt's house next door to give my cousin some sandels I'd gotten for her and visited for a while.

Then I came back home and went out again, this time to get grain. I have completely switched all the Boys over to the high fat feed and needed to stock up. Unloaded 10 fifty pound bags when I got back home and came back into the house for a respite.

Well, actually, I ended up working on the major cleaning job in the master bedroom. Aside from the normal mess, I had started a closet purge and never quite finished it. Right now, even as I write, the bed is piled with clothes as yet to be assigned to a proper "home" in the scheme of things. Hopefully I will get them sorted by the time I need to go to bed!

Finally, I managed to climb into my riding breeches and go out to work a horse. Since my head was still bothering me, I decided to ride just Tucker.

We had a nice warmup. Then I began some work on the lateral exercises with shoulder in, haunches in and some efforts at the half pass.

Going to the left, Tucker simply did not have a clue at the canter. He was sticky at the trot, OK at the walk, but canter? His hind end did not want to move at all away from my leg. It could be that it makes his right hock do extra work that's he's reluctant to do, or it is simply a matter of natural stiffness.

I ended up doing some slower exercises at the walk and then trot, getting him more supple and willing to move laterally to the left, then I asked for a little left half pass at the canter again, managed a few strides and called it a day.

The better news is that aside from one little incident of protest when I was trying to get him to do a turn on the forehand, Tuck made no attempts to balk or refuse to try. He was very cooperative and accepting of corrections. He stayed forward the whole session, and aside from the canter difficulties was really working well.

Carrots for all ended the evening and as soon as I am finished here, I will go back to my cleaning project.



  1. We must be living a parallel life at the moment with burn out and I woke up feeling grotty with a slight headache this morning..nothing worse than waking up feeling like that!
    Unfortunately I dont have a chiropractor or 'anything' like that I really need to start looking after myself.I just cant be bothered to keep going back to the doctors until they decide to refer me and begrudge spending money on myself which is silly really.

    I love a good turf out but then im a bit sad like that:)))

  2. the number of times we've tried to go to bed and clothes are all over it and it isn't made having been stripped that morning and forgotten....