Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Pain in the Neck

Monday laid me low with a migraine that had gone too far to be quickly stopped. Stayed home from work and managed a late morning chiropratic adjustment that took away the worst of it.

By evening, I felt pretty good, so I really enjoyed the evening at my friend's house for corned beef and cabbage. A note on that. Apparently, that is the US version of a traditional Irish dinner for St. Patrick's Day. I heard on the radio during the day that such a meal is NOT really Irish tradition. More like lamb instead. We Americans seem to have our own take on everything. *G*

After dinner, as we were sitting around chatting, I felt a little twitch in my neck and found it a bit stiff when I turned to the right.

Premonition of more to come.

Woke up at about 2 AM with a definite headache and some dizziness. I iced it, used heat, tried everything, but by morning, the darn thing was still there. And, my stomach was not feeling too great either.

So I called in for another day and called the chiropractor. Just got back a while ago. Only one vertebra was out, but it was out a doozy and that was causing the headache. There is still some lingering discomfort so I am icing it again.

If I feel better later I might work a horse. Such a bummer when this happens. The vertebra that was out of place this morning was not one that was out yesterday, so that's good, as the first adjustment "held." Guess my body acts in "sympathy" with itself as one thing corrects and, in the process, throws something else out of whack as a reaction.

Interesting, at any rate. Just wish it didn't hurt when it happens.


  1. I'm luckier having something definitely broken, aren't I, at least it mends. I hope you feel better now.


  2. you do have a bad time with that jean....at least i don't get migraine in consequence when my neck goes!