Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Windy and Wet

After the Rain

It was sunny when I turned the Boys out in the arena and pasture--the restricted turnout for Tucker's shoes after a muddy making rainstorm last night.

Well, did I feel guilty about two hours later when I heard a miserable downpour hitting the roof of the school. But, as the day wore on, the skies dried up and the sun peeped in and out.

But, then it got windy and by the time I was home, it was blowing up quite a bit. The arena was "iffy" with mud puddles, so I wimped out again. Instead, I cleaned the stall with the confined run in roof for Tucker to spend the night, and cleaned under the shed roof itself. Two wheelbarrow loads later--pushed through the mud, and it was suitable for him. Then I brought all three Boys in for dinner.

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  1. Rain and snow and strong wind ... samey samey