Thursday, February 28, 2008

Frozen Assets

And Everything is Dropping

Especially the temperature. It was in the single digits last night and didn't rise to thaw level all day.

Surpisingly enough, my arena surface was probably rideable, but the air and the wind together had such a chill factor, I simply couldn't stay outside that long. I'd put the winter blankets back on the Boys last night, so they were fine. Since the ground was frozen, Tucker had the run of all the paddocks and the barn, so all was well.

Strange to say, last night, when I was changing blankets (rugs) I accidently put Chance's winterweight on Tucker. In theory, it was two sizes too small, but it fit him perfectly. I almost left it on him, but then his blanket was too wide for Chance, so I had to swap. I had a brand new blanket I'd bought at the big summer sale, that was sort of a compromise size, so I put that on Tuck and tucked Chance and Toby into their own clothes. This must be what it's like trying to dress children for the day.

I guess the sun is pretty warm, though, because my sandy arena footing had dried out and seemed to have softened up despite the cold temperatures. Now, if it doesn't rain between now and the weekend, when it's supposed to warm up again, I might even get some riding in.

Gee, if that happens, then I just won't have any excuses for not working the Boys!


  1. What a funny weather>
    here it is hot and dry and sunny ...

    We want water ... we need water ...

  2. Winter here too. Hail this morning!


  3. we need water as well, sorry to say ... it hasn't been that wet....

  4. Gales here yet again....oh and we had an earthquake through the week.
    I was in bed at work and the bed shook thought it was either my imagination,a possession or a severe gust of wind:))
    Was pretty excited when I saw the news the next day and found out it was an earthquake.