Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sympathy Pains??

Another Day Gone And A Sore Shoulder

Maybe Caroline's sore shoulder headed across the Atlantic. Acutally, my chiropractor thinks I pinched a nerve. Nonetheless, it is annoying, but not debilitating.

But, I didn't ride. Mostly because I had gone to the chiro in the morning and also because I got totally distracted paying bills and figuring all kinds of financial thingies.

And because I was just too darn lazy.

I don't think the Boys minded. Little slivers of new grass are coming in and they spent the day nibbling them off. They also had plenty of hay, so no one lacked for food.

I'm a bit sorry I didn't ride yesterday as there is a stiff breeze today and it is definitely colder.

But the sun is bright and it should warm up a little by afternoon. I do have a good friend dropping by for a visit, though.

Addendum: Had a lovely long visit with my good friend. Had lunch. Then went to the feed store. Stopped at the tack store to look for a mullen mouth snaffle. No dice.

Went home. Called the other tack store. Found bit. Fed Boys. Went to tack store. Bought bit and had a visit with the proprietor who is building a new store in back.

Came home and decided to long line Tucker.

This time I started him off close to me, keeping him collected and asking him to trot slowly in a frame. He wasn't too happy about it, but he tried. Then I sent him out on a large circle and kept him in the collected frame, insisting he go forward at all gaits. Though his is still a little erratic about dropping his head too low and overbent--his choice of evasion, not my idea, rolkur opponents--when he does get into the proper frame he looks quite elegant.

He is not the ideal dressage mover, but he can certainly engage his quarters and his collected canter is a cinch.

Lining session done, carrots fed, shoulder sore and knees not much better, I am back inside making supper and just kind of sitting around.

There is an "Earth Hour" event at 8 PM when we are supposed to turn off all the lights for an hour. Hopefully my dinner will be ready before then so I can eat it by candlelight.

Or just sit around and ache.


  1. Ooh watch that Jean. Pinched nerves in the shoulder can be really long term bad news. You make sure you do what they tell you to get it right, won't you?


  2. Big cyber hugs Jean.
    Take care of yourself!

    Pinched nerves are nasty!
    Luckily you have a good chiro to put back you right .