Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rain and More Rain

What More Can I Say?

I did drive to Agway to get some of their new high fat horse feed. It is nearly $8 a bag cheaper than the feed I was using for Tucker. Actually, if I switch everyone else over to the feed I will end up saving money on feed for everyone.

I am mixing the new feed with the pellets the Boys are already used to, so they will gradually switch over. The high fat should be good for both Chance and Toby too, even though they do not show any sign of sugar/carbohydrate tolerance issues as Tucker MAY have.

At any rate, it's probably better for them all.

It looked like it was going to clear around evening feeding time, so I put Tucker out with the others in the arena for a while as he'd spent the day in his run in shed. While he was out, I cleaned his stall and re-bedded it. Then I brought everyone in for feed and went to dump the wheelbarrow.

In short order I was soaking wet as a heavy rain started up again. Guess it's going to continue through the night. *sigh*

The time changes here tonight/tomorrow morning as the clocks go ahead one hour. I am looking forward to the extra daylight at the end of the day.


  1. They reckon all horses should have more oil and less carbs now I think Jean. Makes them shine anyway!


  2. jean, sorry to hear about the tree. can you get in/out?