Friday, March 07, 2008

Spot On Forecast

Whether (Weather) Or Not I Like It

The Weather Channel forecast called for it to start raining at 3 PM. School lets out at 3:30 and when I passed the exit door heading for the office, the sidewalks were wet and the rain was starting to get heavier.

It was cold, a bit windy and downright miserable.

The horses, left in the arena and pasture for the day had no shelter and their rainproof sheets were soggy on top. They, fortunately, were pretty dry underneath them.

Brought everyone in for feed, changed them into their heavier waterproof sheets and settled them in with some hay and grain. Tucker's in his run-in stall, and all's right in the barn

Nasty weather predicted into tomorrow.


  1. The same here. I do not update my blog, because the weather is so foul. We cannot do anything, and my son has an ear-infection ...

  2. oh dear muriel, nothing worse than earache for anyone, let alone children.. hope he's ok!